Botak Kuantan

Botak Kuantan

20 March 2014

Bali Trip February 2014.

   I Enjoyed the trip very much. I spent 6 days stay in Bali with good friends Azrin Aramy, Hakim Awang and Aidwin Wing from AgunBMX! and also with the local riders Heru Anwari and his brother Dede. We've been invited by the Live The Noise event organiser Mr. Yopy to attend a competition he made and it was successful. I won the contest in Flatland category. They going to organize another same event but bigger than this and I am looking forward to it. I hope more riders to come to join the contest and see the beautiful Bali. I've filmed videos to share with you still in progress with the editing stuff. Video coming soon! Thanks!


17 March 2014


I am now riding for Autumbikes a BMX Company from Germany sponsored by which as a distributor of the brand in Malaysia. Check the video to see my riding with the Lash Frame. See Autumbikes here

11 March 2014

Hi everyone. Its been 2 years without any updates here. So, now im decided to re-blogging since i have so many things to share here. Hope you like it.