Botak Kuantan

Botak Kuantan

15 February 2012

Nike SB Blazer Hi.

I just got a new shoes by SHOWROOM and I love this shoes very much. Thanks! HAHA

08 February 2012

Beat My Trick!

I'm managing in BMX. Come and join. Its gonna be a dope contest ever. Really nice venue. I want to see more rider coming here. All I need is your support. Thanks!

17 January 2012

BN Shah Alam Youth Challenge 2012

14 January 2012, The first contest of 2012. I won first place. Here is top 3 result :

1st : Taslem Raziff
2nd : Faiz Kelantan
3rd : Zarif

05 January 2012

Grind Baru 3 is Awesome!

31st December 2011, The event is started on 8.30 p.m this is my first time i came to contest after a contest. So, we have 2 contests in only 1 day! After contest at Putrajaya, we went to Presint 3, Putrajaya for a Demo by a society of government i dont remember. After the demo, we went to another great contest that is called GRIND BARU 3. Its organized by the skateboarders. This event seems really big because lot of skaters join and they want to countdown for newyear with their skate's friends. The event was held in Shah Alam Skatepark Section 13 Selangor. This year they did a flatland contest for a first time. The spotlight were prepared. The GRIND BARU 3 Flatland Contest result :

1st : Botak Kuantan
2nd : Apit Aloq Setaq
3rd : Atiq

I won The Royal Rising Sun International Flatland Contest 2011!

31st December 2011, It was a good event and great ending of 2011 with big prizes and super stoked to see the klantanese riders they came Putrajaya by bus around 7 hours. I am really happy! The contest is judged by Idham, Farok and Paktam. No photo are attached because i've no time to take photo but the only I have is a flyer. haha.