Botak Kuantan

Botak Kuantan

12 December 2011

Melaka Extreme Sports Circuit 2011!

3rd December 2011, A contest was held in Malacca historical town. I am happy to join the contest after longtime we dont have contest in Malaysia. They actually gonna have 3 rounds where the points are collected every rounds and who get the highest point then he win. I went this for the 1st round and thanks god i got 1st! wish me luck for the next round ;)

Malacca Extreme Sports Circuit Round 1 BMX Flatland Open Result :

1st - Botak (Jungle Rider, SHOWROOM, Stussy KL)
2nd - Mat Dagu (Jungle Rider, Vans Malaysia)
3rd - Zariff (MAGS)
4th - John JB (Angkatan BOMBA Semalaysia)

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