Botak Kuantan

Botak Kuantan

24 October 2011

Langkawi International Mountainbike Challenge 2011.

17th - 23rd October 2011, basically it is same like Le tour de langkawi but this one we travel only in the Langkawi Island. As usual we do show at starting / finishing line during their race to entertain the crowd who are waiting for the racers enter the finish line. This event is quiet different, we do show with Cycleball and Artistic and they are came from Johore. Overall the demo went very well. A lot of things we've learned. Im really happy.

 Just arrived Langkawi jetty.

 The next day. The sunrise.

But I'm still sleeping. hehe


 Before and.......




Artistic Cycling.

On the boat.

 Kid Sailor.

 The sailors.

 The sailors going home when the training is done.

Our German mate!

 Telaga Harbour.


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