Botak Kuantan

Botak Kuantan

30 June 2011


After Flatdev, we decided to go to singapore. Actually, The Indonesian rider, M.Aristyo Rahadian (Ais) ask me to bring him to singapore for only sightseeing. He really want to see singapore. My gf also never been there. I ask pak tam to join then he joined us to singapore. We had a good journey to singapore, from melaka by car then stay one night at Johor Bahru, Sunday afternoon we parked the car nearby larkin, then we took a bus to Woodland. Meet a'an, friend of us there then he brought us to bugis the place we used to stay. After checked in, we took a train to Orhard Road, some places i dont remember. After sightseeing we went back to hotel take a rest then monday we went to Sentosa. It was a very nice place. After that, we heading to Johor Bahru, hit nasik ayam penyet at Zorro near The Zone, Stulang Laut. Delicious! We went back to kl around 10 p.m. Check some photos!

 Everytime I come to Orchard Road, I saw people dancing on the street near to ION


 The biggest crab I've ever seen!

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