Botak Kuantan

Botak Kuantan

11 January 2011

My new bike setup, 2011

Frame : KGB newconnexion 2008 18" (Sparkling Red)
Fork : St. Martin Mikado
Handlebar : Colony Teddybars (purple)
Grips : We The People
Bar End : Odyssey Par End
Stem : KHE Minimalism
Headset : Salt (Purple)
Front Pegs : Sequence 7075 Majic Sticks
Rear Pegs : Sequence Majic Sticks Griptape
Front Tire : Suelo Flatland Tire 20 x 1.75
Rear Tire : Odyssey Frequency G K-Lyte Kevlar Tire 1.75
Front Rim : Alienation Deviant 36H (White)
Rear Rim : DM-22 36H (Black)
Front Hub : Eastern Bikes 36H (White)
Rear Hub : Taska U-Free Freecoaster 36H
Seat : Colony Pivotal
Seat Post : Deep BMX 330 Pivotal
Seat Clamp : Mr. Clampy
Crankset : St. Martin 08 Hollowflat 160mm
Sprocket : St. Martin Hollowflat Sprocket 20t
Pedal : Wellgo
Spokes Front : Primo 14g (White)
Spokes Rear : Primo 14g (White) + USA Titanium (Ti Dye)

Suka-suka Love BMX Oldschool Gathering & JAM 2011, Malaysian Flatland Award

    I got 2nd in Malaysian BMX Flatland Award. I missed one competition.

07 January 2011

Happy New Year!

    The Curve

BMX Flatland Demo 25 December 2010 and Contest 26 December 2010 at Seaworld, Ancol, Indonesia

    International Riders from left Youki Maehata (Japan), Pak Koq (Malaysia) , Me, Adnan (Indonesia) and Pak Tam (Malaysia)

    The winners,
    1st : Youki Maehata (Japan)
    2nd : Botay (Indonesia)
    3rd : Paktam (Malaysia)
    4th : Heru Anwari (Indonesia)
    5th : Gacul (Indonesia)

28th December 2010, I went back to Malaysia with my friend, Sunny, on 12 afternoon. Special thanks to Wild Channel,SHOWROOM, Asosiasi BMX Indonesia, Wimcycle and Indonesian Riders.

Asia Hip Hop Music BMX Flatland International Championship 18 December 2010 at Coastarina, Batam, Indonesia

We went to batam by flight on 16th December 2010 and went back on 19th December 2010. Thanks to asosiasi BMX Indonesia for brought me to batam. The flight takes almost 2 hours. The competition went very well. I won 2nd place. The Malaysian BBoy (wakaka crew) also took 2nd place in the BBoy battle. After competition we had a party with soul ID.

       Take a bus go to airport

    We had a lunch at Solaria, Batam Megamall

    We had a joy at bowling, Batam Megamall

    All Contestant stayed at Music Hotel
    The Contest
    Ande, BMX DJ
    The judges from left Levi (Indonesia) , Apep (Indonesia) and Youki Maehata (Japan)
    With Batam BMXers
    Soul ID
    Another Battle
   I won 2nd place
    Photo with the winners and Batam ministeries