Botak Kuantan

Botak Kuantan

12 December 2011

Melaka Extreme Sports Circuit 2011!

3rd December 2011, A contest was held in Malacca historical town. I am happy to join the contest after longtime we dont have contest in Malaysia. They actually gonna have 3 rounds where the points are collected every rounds and who get the highest point then he win. I went this for the 1st round and thanks god i got 1st! wish me luck for the next round ;)

Malacca Extreme Sports Circuit Round 1 BMX Flatland Open Result :

1st - Botak (Jungle Rider, SHOWROOM, Stussy KL)
2nd - Mat Dagu (Jungle Rider, Vans Malaysia)
3rd - Zariff (MAGS)
4th - John JB (Angkatan BOMBA Semalaysia)

15 November 2011

Love our jungle!

Last saturday on 12th November 2011 we did show in Taman Rimba Bandar Bukit Bauk there's a lot of events including mountain bike challenge. We really enjoyed the show.

Show with Lufya AF6

10 november 2011 rehearsal. The real show is on 11th november 2011. The show is really great.

04 November 2011

Anugerah Skrin 2011

3rd Novermber 2011, We just done rehearsal for Anugerah Skrin 2011. The best movie/film in Malaysia will be awarded. We are doing show for an artist (Altimet) 4th November is going to be the real show. If you want to watch live you can easily turn on your tv and click TV3 from 9-11 p.m.

 The stage

Host - Ally Iskandar dan Rozita Cik Wan

Performance by artists

 From left, Me, Pak Tam and Man

 After rehearsal
 Zizan Raja Lawak your best comedy actor. haha


30 October 2011

Shooting with RTM, X-Skill Programme.

28 october 2011, 9 p.m onwards. I was amazed with the lighting setup just like filming for movie stuff and it was pleasure to be in a part of their program. The program name is X-Skill they interview all extreme sports in Malaysia. On that night, lot of riders came to the spot and 7 riders are the extra. They ride with full of spirit. Well done! Good work. Thanks to them.

28 October 2011

Flatspinbmx - Langkawi Island.

The Area 27 video part 2.

Flatspin Travel Bike Bag for sale!

I am selling Flatspin Travel bike bag for only rm120. This is very useful to carry, maybe can put another things inside. Made in Indonesia.

Flatspin Langkawi Trip (video) is in uploading.

I've been working on this video around 1 week, some editing done when i was in Langkawi and the others i just finished this evening. I hope u guys enjoy my video. If u have suggestions or comments you can leave them in the comment box in youtube. :)

24 October 2011

Langkawi International Mountainbike Challenge 2011.

17th - 23rd October 2011, basically it is same like Le tour de langkawi but this one we travel only in the Langkawi Island. As usual we do show at starting / finishing line during their race to entertain the crowd who are waiting for the racers enter the finish line. This event is quiet different, we do show with Cycleball and Artistic and they are came from Johore. Overall the demo went very well. A lot of things we've learned. Im really happy.

 Just arrived Langkawi jetty.

 The next day. The sunrise.

But I'm still sleeping. hehe


 Before and.......




Artistic Cycling.

On the boat.

 Kid Sailor.

 The sailors.

 The sailors going home when the training is done.

Our German mate!

 Telaga Harbour.


The opening of Area 27.

Area 27 is owned by dato' Bernard Chandran which is a great fashion designer in Malaysia. I am very proud to work with him. Lot of artists came to the shop.

 I guest you know what is this.

My video in Area 27.

06 October 2011

New Video.

6th October 2011.

Photoshoot by Syahmi Azman Photography

4th October 2011.

For more pictures visit

RTM 1, Shooting.

27th September 2011.

New Shoes by SHOWROOM.

It is my birthday gift by my boss. Nike SB Stefan Janoski Mid (Black)

Astro Video Shooting and Interview

22th September 2011.

Show For MTB Event

25th September 2011, We just arrived Kuantan from KL at 3 a.m and we had to do the show by 10 a.m. So the short sleep very good, nice bed i guest. haha. The MTB Event was held in Police Quaters Alor Akar Kuantan, it was a big event for MTB, 600 riders come from all state/province in Malaysia. Pak Tam and me are very enjoyed the show. The audience seems like very enjoy our show and they are really appreciate us. WOW! I love that!

SHOWDOWN 2011 Street Fest, One Utama.

24th September 2011, It was my birthday date, but i had to do my job, i dont care about my birthday. owh, actually we've celebrated my birthday a couple hours before im turning to 21. haha. Thanks friends.
SHOWDOWN Streetfest is an event or carnival dancers and hip hop lovers, they got bboy 2 on 2 competition, rapping competition and much more. We are invited by Hotlink to do some shows in front of their booth. We made 2 shows in front of the booth and the another one is in front of stage. When the show is over, i had to go to Kuantan for the another show for tomorrow. See ya!

21 September 2011

Malaysia independent day and 1 malaysia day.

Pak tam and me represent malaysia cergas team by kementerian belia dan sukan during independent and 1 malaysia day festive on 16th september 2011 at dataran merdeka kuala lumpur. We were wearing nice long sleeve collar t-shirt man! haha.

20 August 2011

I'm in The Star newspaper.

The Star newspaper interview on Wednesday, 17th August 2011. Saiful Arif (Street rider), Juboy and me.