Botak Kuantan

Botak Kuantan

30 November 2010

Report : KL nite ride

    27th november 2010 is a date we had a BMX gathering. 11.30 p.m, all newschool bmx riders came at Bukit Bintang Maybank. Around 12, I was surprised that all oldschool riders arrived. The amount just more than i expected. 1st checkpoint, we went to the KLCC, we have a little jam session and after, we went to the Ampang Park LRT Station, where this place is a favorite place for fixie riders. Final checkpoint at District Shop at Jalan Imbi. So, everything went very well, yes, it is the best night for all bmx riders. Here i have some photos. :)

 All newschool riders, Street and Flatland. (photo by kara khemikalisme)

 I was doing a ballet dance. haha. (photo by Ismail Ibrahim)

 Very nice colorful bikes. (photo by Ismail Ibrahim)

Botak Jahanam, Bar Ride (Photo by Ismail Ibrahim)

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