Botak Kuantan

Botak Kuantan

30 October 2010

Malaysia Hari Ini

Today (Friday, 29th October) we have show on tv3 channel. Nurul Shuhada the host of the program only interview shawn(event organizer & rider) and zulkamal. The rest only do the show. This is live on tv. The interview is about the big contest at Bukit Bintang next weekend. The riders are mat dagu, pak tam, lan ipoh, yuki, rayyan ibrahim, and me. The show went very well but we cannot ride as much as usual because of the floor is wet. hehe.

   The main entrance

    Usually before show we are having a 1st breakfast and after the show, we will continue for the 2nd breakfast. haha

    The wet floor.

    The riders involve in this show are azrin, pak tam, mat dagu, zulkamal, yuki, me, shawn/yusri and lan ipoh

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